Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Surprise Surprise I got nominated!

Received the news out of the blue that I had been nominated for an Education award the other day. A shock as I have been happily working away in so many different categories for years that are not exclusively Jazz orientated whereas this nomination is for recognition by the All party parliamentary Jazz appreciation group! The students on the live Jam course at the Roundhouse venue in Camden are out and out Rock students who have no idea I play Jazz and would probably be very amused to hear about it! Anyway I have now been invited to the awards ceremony on the 20th May to see who picks up the award at the Houses of Parliament.There are some people nominated for recognition for the first time that have been doing some great work like Jason Yarde in the Jazz Musician category and Kevin Le Gendre for a Journalist award as well as Darren Taylor for his fantastic work with his Online news and views website www.Jazzreloaded.com so it should be a great occasion to catch up with the guys as well! Here is the full list of nominees: http://www.ppluk.com/en/News--Events/Latest-News/2009-PARLIAMENTARY-JAZZ-AWARD-NOMINATIONS-ANNOUNCED/

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