Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ok Here we go again February update

Been quiet on the Blog front for a few weeks as I have had my head down making decisions and trying to earn a crust!Filled in for 3 weeks for a friend at a local school music department which as turned out to be a real pleasure meeting and working with quite a few promising young musicians in the process. Actually found some checking out youtube for videos of musicians like Victor Wooton,Bernard Pirdie and other equally great musicians.Which was a real departure from the regular Pop chart X factor fodder I encounter in most schools!
Had the finished mastered copies of two of the six albums that are coming out this year that I have been lucky to play on.The first from the Grutronics stable lead by Pianist Steven Grew and the second from the debut album of Burn out Mama "Out of the Office" we are now waiting for the packaged Cds to arrive.
At the moment I'm reading a script and going through the music of a Musical Directed by the fantastic Theatre director Susan McKenna of Hackney Empire pantomime fame which every year is the leading panto in London.I will be the Music Director for the return of a broadway musical "Once on this Island" from May through to August.A bit of stability for a while will not do any harm!
This month sees the return to London of ace Pianist Keyboardist Joe Bashorun from living for seven years in Canada.He has now added the Drums to his Cv and judging by the videos I have seen on the net he will be quiet a welcome addition to the drum community here.Joe was in my band Annavas and wrote some of the music on both albums I recorded for Blue Note records.
It Will be great hooking up again to work on some material and blog will contain some news on Edge 09.