Saturday, June 17, 2006

The duet night

Played a good date with Tony Bevan at the Red Rose "Back in your town" club night on thursday.It was a night of duets starting with Gail Brand doing a really interesting set with laptop.My set with Tony Bevan saw me play only Steel Pans to his Bass Saxophone it always seems to work but this time especially we seem to hit the perfect groove sonically.The last set saw Tuba specialist Oren Marshall work with italian Percussionist Maurizio Ravalico they delivered a fantastic set.Maurizio plays a mean set of congas with Maurizio sat at 5 congas he plays them with a great melodic sensibility creating tones almost like playing a piano.Oren as he always does takes the Tuba and his audience through fantastic musical journeys. A good night that I can't wait to hear back on tape.


The Phillip clarke solo piece was well received at The Red Rose on the 7th June Free Radicals night.Phillip Clarke arrived with another 10 pages of graphic score to add to the other 67 pages he had already given me.In order to do the piece justice I needed heaps of percussion gear plus two different loop boxes.Steve Lawson kindly leant his spare Akai Headrush looper to add to my regular Roland RC20 loop station.I also had a trumpet, Soprano Sax and a Yamaha wx7 wind synth through a Virus access module.I ran everything through two Amps placed on either side of the stage.But kept one for mainly percussion like Cajon,Marimbula and mountains of various strange objects,the other amp I used for everything else.The piece ran for 45 intense minutes that was pretty exhausting, 3 music stands littered around that I either ran or walked to in order to play or change pages. The second half was a real joy with Steve Beresford on assorted objects and Alex Ward on Clarinet. lots of lovely musical discussion and the audience were well inside the music with us.So a good well received night was had by all..I hope to perform phillips music again later in the year.Definetly would like to do the trio again as it was exciting and different.........

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tomorrow nights solo concert

Tomorrow night's solo concert at the Red Rose club will be a concert with a difference as I will be performing music especially written by composer Phillip Clarke.Phillip Clarke has come up with a 67 page graphic score,That uses live looping through 3 machines with a plethora of percussion instruments plus fx processing trumpet,Soprano sax,Yamaha Wx11 wind synth through a Kaos pad. Hopefully there will be a good size audience as the second I am joined by Lol coxhill,Steve Beresford and Alex Ward guesting.will let you know how it went.

L.I.O The June edition

Great fun at the Regular monthly London Improvisors Orchestra gig this month.27 musicians attended this month with a special appearance from Lol coxhill who has been hobbling around on crutches while suffering hip problems.He also played a blinder in a Pat Thomas conduction that really took off.The conductors this month were Dave Leahy,Caroline krabbel,Dave Tucker,Veryan Weston,Terry day who as always delivered some fantastic inspired poetry and conduction.Again the orchestra members came from all over with a brazilian saxophonist the furthest traveller this month.