Saturday, June 17, 2006

The duet night

Played a good date with Tony Bevan at the Red Rose "Back in your town" club night on thursday.It was a night of duets starting with Gail Brand doing a really interesting set with laptop.My set with Tony Bevan saw me play only Steel Pans to his Bass Saxophone it always seems to work but this time especially we seem to hit the perfect groove sonically.The last set saw Tuba specialist Oren Marshall work with italian Percussionist Maurizio Ravalico they delivered a fantastic set.Maurizio plays a mean set of congas with Maurizio sat at 5 congas he plays them with a great melodic sensibility creating tones almost like playing a piano.Oren as he always does takes the Tuba and his audience through fantastic musical journeys. A good night that I can't wait to hear back on tape.

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