Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wifi fun from the mobile

Today's blog is being written from my new nokia 9500 mobile phone with onboard Wifi.Its amazing what you can do with technology these days.It takes a bit of getting use to as its a lot slower than inputing things into a computer, but its probably worth pursuing.

Friday, July 29, 2005


The month of August I will be at the London improvisors Orchestra session at The Red Rose club in Finsbury Park on Sunday 7th August. I also have a couple of interesting gigs coming up. the 1st is on Sunday 14TH August at the Brecon Jazz Festival with the CLEARFRAME band.This band has a great line up of musicians Lol coxhill,Hugh Hopper,Charles Haywood.Recorded one of the most talked about Radio 3 live sessions.
The secong gig is on the 18th August with BRUISE Tony Bevan,John Edwardes,Mark Saunders,Ashley Wales.There will also be a Duet from Evan Parker with John Coxon. I will also guest with Bass/Looper supreme Steve Lawson and a special set from guests Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask from L.A collectively Known as the Choirboys from Pfmentum Records.well worth checking out.


The project with Lso/shoreditch ymca is going well.One more day mixing next week and its all finished.In the studio we were fortunate to have A good team, Ajax and Gareth have looked after the Engineering/ recording side of things.The students Musicians,singers have all given a good account of themselves.The rappers Jamie and grady have delivered a stonking good song.
thanks to all involved.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SONY/BMG caught with pants down

So the payola scandals continue this time its SONY/BMG.To think we thought the radio airplay charts were honest! Makes you think about the control held over the airwaves by various organisations.I am thinking in the so called Jazz area in particular.No jazz being played but they claim to have our best interest at heart.So they use the name to play music by artist who have nothing to do with Jazz.In order to please advertisers and give them a false sense of respect and class, i.e Dinner Jazz etc.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

last weeks events 18th -22nd july

What a crazy week.fortunately no one was hurt in the attempted bombing in london.correction someone died shot in the head 5 times by the police using once again their shoot to kill policy! An innocent young brazilian man running to get a train to go to work.Apparently he was dressed and acting in a manner that required them to use maximum force? my 6th july blog on the 2012 olympics seems more poignant now.

LSO at St luke's

This week I'm involved in another Education Project this time with students in Hoxton,East London creating a song for the Shoreditch festival.The song will be recorded at the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) studios in St luke's church in Holborn ( funnily enough I had been there 2 weekends ago to see another Education project that involved a live link up with The Sage venue in Gateshead)then put on to CD for distribution at the festival.The musicians and vocalist involved I have worked with quite a bit on other projects and they are very good.This project will put them with some new people, so it's a great opportunity for them to collaborate together.
I will let you know how its going later in the week.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

TONY BEVAN Reviews & gigs announced

The album "Bruise" By Tony Bevan has been receiving rave reviews.
The "wire Magazine", Jazzwise,The Guardian have all given the album favourable mentions.
check out the album on Foghorn records.There are 2 gigs announced for september the first on 8th September at The new Vortex jazz club.The second at the 291 Gallery on Hackney Road.come and check out the band.Ashley wales ( Springheel Jack)John Edwardes-bass/Mark Saunders-Druns/me on assorted niknaks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ramsgate Education project

This week 18th-22nd July I'm in Ramsgate on an Education project for Pie factory music/Chalkfoot Theatre.Nice people plus a great singer/Teacher Kelle Bryan originally in the Band Eternal. The project involves 150 pupils in Ramsgate school. a supposedly failing school.My role is to write a piece of original music to celebrate the school moving into a new brand new Building.It was a bit daunting at first as when I arrived on Monday I was faced with all the students in A mass workshop situation,added to the mix was an irate Headmaster ( Sg Major Type) who wanted to dictate how the process should go and was horrified that I was going to ask the students for opinions and ideas to help create the piece"They couldn't possibly do that,you will have to do that for them" fortunately I ignored his advice and we now have a piece to which all students have contributed.lots of fun so far.We perform this friday.
Performance day:
friday was ok.the students did themselves proud.the team of facilitators assembled was quite impressive.Coming form all strands of the arts and there was a really nice vibe all round.the show worked and hopefully the students and school will use this as a stepping stone to better things.


Gary crosby has put together a great project with the youth big band.I went down last saturday to take my son.he absolutely loved it.Guess what?they actually play good music.It makes a change as some of these so called youth education projects actually turn the kids off, as the music is so bad,boring and uninspiring.oh yeah and the instructors are more destructors than anything else.At tomorrow's warriors there are 1st class teachers in Abram wilson and Sean corby and Gary. There is also the chance to play with fantastic musicians like Soweto kinch,Jay Phelps plus many others dropping in occasionally.So if you have any students send them down to the Premises rehearsal studios on saturdays 10 till 2 thats 4 hours of music .The other thing is its absolutely free.As a parent you are continually being fleeced for funds to cover activities that keep the young ones off the at last is something good and its also free.

Friday, July 15, 2005 the site is up finally.

Finally the website is up.Steve Lawson gave us a few pointers to help setup.Corey Mwamba also helped So big thanks to both.It still needs a lot of tweaking but at least there's something there now.Please give it a visit

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Solo summit musician response

This came through from Tony Bevan the Fantastic Bass saxophonist in response to my Question of would he do it again.

I was telling somebody about it, and said "first I played with a Welsh Classical Harpist, then a South-African Jazz Trumpeter, then a pedal-steel guitarist and a bloke that plays amplified toys, then later on with a couple of poets/rappers, a Prog-rock/jazz-fusion Bass Guitarist, a Jazz piano player and a MC...." and I suddenly, bloody hell, thats brilliant! Of course,thank you....




THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED OR PERFORMED AT THE SOLO SUMMIT.FOR A REVIEW OF THE DAY PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO TO where steve lawson has put up a fantastic account of the proceedings.Also thanks to those performers who were unable to make it there for various reasons,i.e Celloman was unfortunately held up by a bomb scare at his earlier gig that day in sheffield,with all his equipment left on stage in the evacuation of the festival site for 3 hours,followed by being stuck on the M1 on the way back down.Filomena and Keith waite were also unable to make it due to illness,but were there in spirit. MANY THANKS once again to all the performers.There will be a couple of press reviews of the "Solo Summit" written by Kevin I will post up on the site once they are through.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

It's a sad day.I travel quite a lot on the piccadilly line through Russell square,Finsbury park it really brings it home to me when something like this happens.having had a terrible time at christmas worrying about some friends who were in Sri lanka and South India when the tsunami struck.Fortunately they made decisions like turning left on the road instead of turning right or lets go for a trip up the mountains instead of go to the beach.Decisions that saved their lives,it makes you realise how lucky you are sometimes.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vortex date Travis,Lawson,Robinson

last night I played a very enjoyable gig with Theo Travis and Steve Lawson at the new Vortex jazz club in the all new Dalston Cultural centre.More of the same please.


Great news BJ COLE the pedal steel guitarist has just been added to the make sure you come down on sunday for an incredible day of music.

ORPHYROBINSON.COM the website will be up very soon


London is hosting the olympics,could this be the first time black men will be running in east london without the police chasing them!
Thats all i'm going to say on the matter for now.

Theo Travis,Orphy Robinson,Steve Lawson

The New Vortex
Theo Travis with Orphy Robinson,Steve Lawson,
Composer, saxophonist and flautist Theo Travis joins forces with the UK’s top solo bassist and ‘looper’ Steve Lawson, in a project both of composed and improvised music using looping technology to create a huge sound canvas and layers of melodies. Check out their debut album, ‘For the Love of Open Spaces’ (Pillow Mountain Records). For this concert they are joined by ace vibes man Orphy Robinson, known for his Blue Note CDs and work with Courtney Pine,Cleveland Watkiss,London Improvisors Orchestra.
The Vortex Jazz Club,Dalston Culture House,Gillett StreetLondon N16 8JN.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The London Improvisors Orchestra

I popped in to see the london improvisors on sunday 3rd July and ended up having a cracking gig with some fine conduction from Bassist Simon Fell,Violinist Sylia Hallet plus Bassist David leehy other musicians present were Drummer Tony Marsh,Pianist- Veryan Weston,Adam Bowman-Objects,Saxophonist- John Butcher,amonst many other great players.Thanks to Dave Leehy for kindly letting me use his fantasic box of mystery percussion for the night as I had no instruments on me,Its been over a year since I last played with the orchestra and that was at the May 2004 Freedom of the city festival at The Conway Hall.I found out that half of the orchestra regulars were in Vancouver with the Dedication orchestra so they called in some wonderful musicians to more than fill in.If you can get along to see them check The LIO on 1st Sunday of every month at the Red Rose pub in Seven sisters Road between Finsbury Park Station and Hornsey Road.Its well worth seeing some top notch music being created.