Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ramsgate Education project

This week 18th-22nd July I'm in Ramsgate on an Education project for Pie factory music/Chalkfoot Theatre.Nice people plus a great singer/Teacher Kelle Bryan originally in the Band Eternal. The project involves 150 pupils in Ramsgate school. a supposedly failing school.My role is to write a piece of original music to celebrate the school moving into a new brand new Building.It was a bit daunting at first as when I arrived on Monday I was faced with all the students in A mass workshop situation,added to the mix was an irate Headmaster ( Sg Major Type) who wanted to dictate how the process should go and was horrified that I was going to ask the students for opinions and ideas to help create the piece"They couldn't possibly do that,you will have to do that for them" fortunately I ignored his advice and we now have a piece to which all students have contributed.lots of fun so far.We perform this friday.
Performance day:
friday was ok.the students did themselves proud.the team of facilitators assembled was quite impressive.Coming form all strands of the arts and there was a really nice vibe all round.the show worked and hopefully the students and school will use this as a stepping stone to better things.

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