Sunday, September 25, 2005

Update on the 16th November london Jazz Festival

Update on the London Jazz Festival Duo date in the Purcell Rooms on the south bank, I will be Dueting with the ace Vibes / Dulcimer player Corey Mwamba. Also Appearing on the bill is the Project Big Air Featuring Steve Buckley,Chris Batchelor,Myra Melford, Jim Black and Tuba Virtuoso Oren Marshall.Should be an interesting night.

John Peel Day gig in Darbuka World Music Bar 13th October

News of a gig with Steve Lawson as part of the John Peel Day celebrations on the 13th October. I will be playing Drums / Percussion with Rise Kagona the legendary Zimbabwean guitarist from the Bhundu Boys, one of John Peel and Andy Kershaw's favourite Artist.I will be Appearing alongside Steve who will be of course playing Bass in the Band.Its a gig organised by Steve in one of his favourite venues in london.I have heard good things about The Darbuka so it should be a good night.Come down as there is also a solo set from Steve and from Scotland doing his first london date is Andrew Howie of Calamateur fame so should be a cracker.Darbuaka is at 182 BASEMENT St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1 4JZ,Tel: +44 (0) 7490 8772.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Bruise band Tony Bevan

Next week 28th Sept 2005 Appearing at the 291 gallery Hackney Road 8.00 start.Ashley Wales /SoundScapes.John Edwards / Bass,Mark Saunders / Drums,Orphy Robinson / Stuff. Led by Bass Saxophonist Tony Bevan.

The Return of the XMAS FILES Band news very soon

Imperial wharf festival

Monday, September 05, 2005

Imperial Wharf Festival gig moved to 13th October

There as been a change to the previous festival date which was 28th September. The festival has been moved to the 13th October .This has unfortunately meant a change of musicians.So Steve Lawson will instead be at the John Peel celebration day,Darbuka gig.I will be shooting off to play there also after this gig.All Info will be on another posting here that you will see.Roger Goula will be performing with Filomena Campus at the Camden Theatre in the opening night of "Not in my Name"
So now the trio gig on my Birthday will be with Davide Mantovani Elec bass/Ewi/loops
Rowland Sutherland Flutes.Should be a lot of fun.I have included a flyer of the festival.So you can see the other bands on the bill at the festival.
It all kicks off at 6.00 pm on the Wednesday 13th October.
Address is The Boulevard,Imperial wharf,Townmead Road,london sw6 2qd.for info tel-0207 610 9693 or visit :

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tony Bevan gig at The New Vortex club

The bruise quintet Tony bevan,Ashley Wales,Mark Saunders,John Edwards and myself are playing at the New Vortex club in Dalston this coming thursday 8th september.Should be another good gig.


Sorry to hear about the terrible situation.Estimates of 10,000 lives lost. Soldiers on the streets. Armed gangs roaming,Sanitation,Disease.The president unable to land his helicopter near a city he couldn't enter.It really sounded like a third world country during a civil war according to the European coverage I had seen.I didn't fully understand the disaster in New Orleans until I got back to the UK. Silly me! I understood that EVERYONE was searching, foraging for food,Water etc. Now I understand its more complex than that, with typical 405, 625 TV frequencies its a black, white thing? tut, tut, tut Media?Apparently the black people were stealing,looting etc but the white people were finding, acquiring food from the exact same sources. mmm? WAKE UP! GROW UP ? Of course there will always be opportunist/nutters etc out there taking advantage of situations like this,it obviously includes those who deal in Politics ( Poli meaning many.tics meaning blood sucking insects)The bigger picture is the slow response of getting aid to the people who need it.Question is why a disaster like this happens? Could it be a disaster of human making?Global warming,lack of funding,forward planning,Kyoto, they can all be thrown into the mix. As always there seems to be other agendas going on at the same time.

The website update

I have been busy adding content to the history section of my website
Following on from the Jazz Warriors section.There is now a section on musicians from the caribbean and the African Diaspora and their impact on jazz in the uk from the 1930s upto present day.There is also a section on well known musicians in America
with caribbean heritage.This has thrown up some interesting names Eric Dolphy,Oscar Peterson,Wynton Kelly,Taj Mahal,Gil Scott Heron,Lenny Kravitz etc.

Corey Mwamba duet LJF 2005

News of a gig in this years London Jazz Festival.We will be performing a duet at the Purcell rooms on the south bank.Corey a fantastic all rounder (music and character) performed with me at the Jazz Britannia festival at the Barbican earlier this year.Recently performed with Award winning band the Tony Kofi Quartet at the Premises.There will be more info posted as it comes in.

London Improvisors Orchestra

This sunday the 4th September LIO meet at the Red rose club for the monthly revelry.come check it out its always good after the holidays.

Annual Holiday

Had a good 2 week break from it all with the family in sunny tuscany in the Italian countryside.Met up with Dudley phillips (double bass) on holiday there also with his family, unfortunately Dudley was strapped up in an arm sling as he'd broken an arm on the 1st day of his holiday, playing with his sons.This was proving to be a bit of a nightmare, as it was a driving and part camping holiday through france and Italy.Then driving back to England.So the wife had her work cut out.Hopefully he should be out of the plaster by mid september,lets hope so as he had work and tours lined up.

Red Rose Gig back in your town

A great night was had by all.It was really good to hear Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask aka The Choirboys.There was a wonderful audience in so the atmosphere was just superb.It also capped off nicely a few days of hanging out with Jeff really well.I really can't add anything else.So please go to the steve lawson blog for a good review of this fantastic night.