Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Duet with Roger Goula

I Had the second gig with Roger Goula the fantastic Spanish Guitarist this time at the Battersea Arts Centre the new improv night run by the Famous Bohmman brothers.We first played together at the "Recycle Collective" night at the Darbouka club in february this year and really found some common ground musically. Roger creates live loops on his Mac with the MAX MSP programme plus plays some lovely guitar.As a duet it just works so well.The audience was very attentive and just enough for the venue size.This looks like another successful venue run by the Bohmans who had previously run the legendary Bonnington Club in Vauxhall.We recorded the night so I hope the sound quality is good enough to use for something.

The Pete McPhail NOSTROMO band.

I had the great pleasure of appearing with the Pete McPhail band NOSTROMO from Oxford last monday for their second set at the New Vortex Jazz Club. Saxophonist Pete McPhail showcased his new quartet with Alexander Hawkins on piano and various other things, Dominic Lash on bass and Roger Telford on drums and what a great band.I had agreed to play the second set only due to playing 2 gigs with the LSO at St lukes earlier in the evening and having to leave unfortunately just before seeing my 11 year old son who plays Trumpet play with the L.S.O Fusion OrchestraThe Fusion Orchestra is a 40 strong youth ensemble That meets at the L.S.O Discovery centre at St Lukes Church every month they fuse an extraodinary amount of styles and flavours including Acoustic instruments and theremins digital media etc.Unfortunately in order to get to The Vortex in time for the second set I would have to completely miss his big moment as the featured soloist on one of the main suites but it was the only way I could make it to the Vortex in time.I also played twice earlier in the evening first with a group of the Tutors and musicians from the main L.S.O. orchestra and the second show leading a group called the Digital Tech Group that has students writing music and MCing so quite a manic day plus moving around on public transport with the steel pans in tow, that has been quite a revelation for me as I am normally stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on the way to some gig or other.I hope to play with this lovely band again as it was definitely sounding good and I can't wait to hear the live recording that was being made.Then afterwards to cap a lovely day it turned out that Roger Telfords son Jake a mean Sax player that I once played a gig with in the short lived Rythmic Club in Chapel street,Islington was there watching the gig It turned out that he actually Lives about 5 mins from my house and kindly volunteered a lift home saving me a run to catch buses and trains..A big Thanks was in order.All together a long hard day but very enjoyable.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

BRUISE at Vortex with an added surpise

Last night at the Vortex The Bruise quintet were joined by louis Moholo The legendary Amazing drummer from South Africa and he did not disappoint. The audience
that was very much a normal midweek Vortex type audience i.e sparse but enthusiastic, were treated to a real special night.Normally the drums chair in Bruise is taken By Mark Saunders the top notch improv scene drummer but unfortunately Mark could not make the date.So Louis who is on a 3 month european tour where he is performing with amongst other Artist John Tchchai, North Sea Jazz festival and lots of High profile gigs in Holland and Italy not forgetting some live dates promoting the Famous duet Album release with Pianist Stan Tracey.Louis ably stepped into dep for Mark on his night off.The night also saw the launch of the new Album featuring Derek Bailey on one of his last live dates before passing away last year.This album has already created quite a buzz with bootleg copies changing hands within a week of the live gig and also being critics choice for album release of the year (apparently A 5 star review this sunday in the Times amongst others)Tony Bevan was on top form,as always and the band absolutely kicked all night.Fortunately the night was recorded, so if the sound is as good as it needs to be for a live album we could be on to another winner.Derek Baileys Girlfriend karen who lives not far from the Vortex in Clapton was sat in the audience and seem to really enjoy the music.My on regret was that a trio album date was planned in the summer last year between Derek,Tony and myself but due to his health we held off.I am sure it would of been a good un also...

Monday, April 10, 2006

New album from the Bruise Quintet with Derek Bailey

This month see's the release of the long awaited recording with Derek Bailey on Foghorn Records it see's the Bruise Quintet who are:

Tony Bevan: bass saxophones
Orphy Robinson: steel drum, marimbula, percussion, electronics, trumpet
John Edwards: double bass
Ashley Wales: soundscapes & electronics
Mark Sanders: drums & percussion
Joined by Free Music Pioneer Guitarist Derek Bailey on one of his last recordings before passing away at the end of 2005.Derek had returned to the Uk from Spain to play with his good friend Tony Bevan in a wonderful night of music captured at the 291 Gallery in Hackney.
This is the second album From "Bruise" who have gathered quite a following on the improv scene augmented by their first album "Bruised" critical acclaim.
The Album launch will be on the 19th April at the Vortex club in Dalston.

"Gig of the year - Derek Bailey's return in triumph from Barcelona to East London"
Phillip Clark, "Jazz Review"

Derek Bailey: electric guitar
Tony Bevan: bass saxophones
Orphy Robinson: steel drum, marimbula, percussion, electronics, trumpet
John Edwards: double bass
Ashley Wales: soundscapes & electronics
Mark Sanders: drums & percussion

Recorded live at the 291 Gallery, Hackney Road, London E2 England by Ashley Wales

Dedicated to the memory of Derek. "Search, locate and destroy" was Derek's motto.Tony Bevan

Budapest with the John Tchicai Project

The Second and final gig of the Music and Migration series with John Tchicai was held in a cosy theatre in the centre of Budapest.It was my first visit to Hungary so I was well up for it.The band had all arrived at different times and days for instance John Coxon and Ashley Wales had travelled by rail taking 5 trains across europe in what was an enjoyable but gruelling Journey of 48hrs and would be travelling back the same way.John Edwards and Louis Moholo had arrived the day before so were well in the swing of things when I arrived.The lead up to the gig had various problems in store for Ashley as he uses DJ Cd players and various FX units and the organisors had trouble tracking down the equipment,in fact they only arrived a minute before the gig started luckily there was another band on first.This was the band of Mihela Dresler the Saxophonist They were absolutely on fire and clearly connected with the ecstatic audience.They also had a cymbaline player who was amazing.Then came our spot John Tchicai as always was a complete Joy to hear and he was joined for a duet by Mihela that should of been recorded in fact the whole night was recorded but due to an accidental unplugging of equipment at the end of the gig it was erased from a computer so its out there in the ether.I had a great time that included a trip down memory lane playing a set of Trixon vibes the first time in over 20 years.I have one in the garden shed somewhere in pieces that needs an overhaul.My first set of vibes was a Trixon from the late 50s and this one in budapest had been kept in immaculate condition.They were always famous for the sound i.e the notes were brilliant but the frame was always a bit fragile and looked like a kitch art deco tea trolley however seeing this one made me appreciate its sound and my own nostalgia for playing on an identical set that I had learnt heaps of music on it.The journey back was another early morning flight.Felt sorry for Ashley and John who were going to be starting the journey back to England at 8 in the evening on a sleeper train.Let's hope there are more gigs with John Tchicai as the potential to make some nice sounds is really mouth watering.Here is a review of the London gig at the Spitz club.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Tonight is the regular monthly gig of The London Improvisors Orchestra at the Red Rose Club in Seven Sisters Road.Starts around 8 O'CLOCK and features all the big wigs on the improv scene.This weekend expect a special guest.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

John Tcichai

It was with great anticipation that I played a concert last night at The Spitz Club in Shoreditch.The occasion brought together The guys from Springhill Jack who are Ashley Wales and John Coxon with The one and only Louis Moholo flying in from South Africa on drums and Double Bassist extraordinaire John Edwards who flew in just before the soundcheck,fresh from a protracted Journey from Paris due to an impromptu Air Traffic controller strike the day before that meant he could not get back for a rehearsal of John Tcichai's music.We had been brought together as part of the Music and migration series of concerts happening simultaneously in Budapest,Paris and London over the next week.John Tcichai who played with John Coltrane on the Ascension album, Albert Ayler,Cecil Taylor,Archie Shepp and many more Heavyweights on the avante garde scene was a completely serene and warm person.His music has a spiritual and calming influence but he can also burn brightly on the Alto sax when he's ready.I think this was the first gig this year that I've played Vibes so I was having a lot of fun reaquainting myself with the instrument especially as I was using a rental one.I also took along the loop machine and mixed live percussion Fx and Vibes.The club was packed out due to a big seminar earlier in the evening that had musicains and industry bods rubbing shoulders at the bar so the atmosphere was buzzing all night.The reception after each piece was really positive and augurs well for next weeks trip to Budapest.I can't wait.