Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Mad Busy week in Hackney

I have been really busy this last week working for the Hackney Empire's Education dept.This is my 4th year as MD of their October Artist Developement Programme and as always its been brilliant meeting and working with really talented youngsters from all over London to create an original show.This year the show has been based on their own take on Shakespeare theme's. to see how far some have traveled in one week creatively and have blossomed, has been sheer joy. The first 2 shows sold out so an extra one has been announced for today should be a cracker.


A new innovative night will be opening on the 16th November At the Darbouka Club on St Johns street,Islington.Called the recycle colective,Steve Lawson the Premier Solo bass player has put together this monthly night exculsively for Loopers from all backgrounds.
The first three gigs in the Recycle Collective series have gone live -
the dates are -
Nov 16th 2005, steve lawson/ theo travis duo and
trip wamsley - acclaimed bass/flute duo and american solo bassist.
Jan 12th 2006, bj cole/cleveland watkiss/steve lawson
-solos, duos, trios from pedal steel/voice/bass triumvirate.
Feb 22nd 2006, orphy robinson/roger goula duo + steve lawson/patrick wood duo
- duets night - tuned percussion/acoustic guitar and keys/bass.
A big part of the idea here is to create some space to try out some new ideas and combinations.
the website address is - please point people to it. - all the info is there.
A press release for the collective is here.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A hectic week

This week has been an incredible rolercoaster ride for me, rushing around to various rehearsals, teaching, gigs etc was out on my feet the other night after the Rise Kagona gig and The Imperial Wharf Jazz festival gig earlier that evening's lovely music at both gigs. Davide and Rowland played their arse's off at the Jazz festival recorded the gig so I hope to hear it back soon uses an echoplex looping module very effectively plus plays a lot of interesting instruments creating fantastic colours and soundscapes.
Steve Lawson also put together a great night of music at the Darbouka a nice intimate venue in Clerkenwell for the John Peel Day celebrations was sheer pleasure to play drums with Rise Kagona and Dougie Veitch.They have obviously put a lot of work into making the songs sound so effortless on bass and Jez Carr on keyboards completed the line up.For a full review of the R
ise gig check out the Steve lawson blog.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Not in my Name Camden Theatre

Please go along to the Camden theatre to see a great piece of theatre directed by Sardinian Filomena Campus.Some of you might know her work as a vocalist on the Jazz /Improv scene.Not in my Name is piece of Political and Physical theatre about the Death Penalty in the U.S.A.This is a Hard hitting and Thought provoking piece of theatre.Filomena is a Director who Always delivers great stuff.Roger Goula the Flamenco guitarist has provided a cracking and sensitive soundtrack plus there is also the work of inventive Choreographer Lia Prentakis.
It runs from 13th October to the 30th October.Check out The Stage Review on her first night at-

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

George Bush doesn't care about black people

Found the following blog with some interesting facts on the ongoing fall out from Hurricane katrina.It speaks about the rebuilding of New Orleans and the way building contracts etc have been handed out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Just received this email,not sure if its total fact but there is an awful lot of emails and info flying around the internet today about Kanye west.I am sure you can remember during the hurricane Katrina nightmare in August.Kanye West spoke out on a live Telethon fundraiser for Katrina victims.When he stated clearly what most people were thinking about the Presidents lame response to the disaster.I am sure most people thought there would be some kind of right wing /republican backlash from their supporters etc.

Could this be were it starts. this is an email I received in its full glory.


By Shodel Torrwins

If West was dropped because he was telling the truth.... Time to drop Pepsi, whether it's dropping them a line voicingrina our discontent or time to drop Pepsi and not drink it...... Pepsi, incidentally, used to be very racist in their hiring practices regarding African Americans..... So I've read! Pepsi/Frito Lay/Gatorade/Tropicana/Quaker
This may sound a little crass, but as a generation X'er I feel like I'm well positioned to voice my opinion regarding my own generation.
Unlike our parents and their parents, we tend NOT to stand for anything which results in us falling for everything. Its time we take a stand. Kanye West, former spokesperson for Pepsi, has since lost his endorsement deal with the soft drink giant due to his publicized remarks regarding the mishandling of the Katrina evacuees/victims. I mean if you're like me...just SICK and TIRED of being black in America and being mishandled, then do something. Our parents and their parent's SHUT DOWN an entire bus system during the Civil Rights era by CHOOSING to do something. Here is your opportunity.
I'm calling a boycott on ALL Pepsi products. If they want to drop Kanye, how about we DROP them! And as much as I love a good Pepsi and bag of Fritos, I'm not buying another Pepsi including any of their family products (see link below) until a formal apology is given and a donation is rendered to the Red Cross (or a similar organization) in the sum of the amount of Kanye's contract with Pepsi. If you're committed to doing something to tell not just Pepsi but the world (including the Associated Press for that racist caption) that there is power in the Black community, then pass this along. Because there's POWER in numbers.

Sincerely, Shodel Torrwins- Boycott Organizer

Pepsi Products: Pepsi/Frito Lay/Gatorade/Tropicana/Quaker/Walker Crisps See a list of products by clicking here:

footnote:I have now heard that Pepsi have reconsidered their position and reinstated Kanye west.
Is this after realising all the fuss that was coming their way with boycotts etc or just a general rethink?