Sunday, October 16, 2005

A hectic week

This week has been an incredible rolercoaster ride for me, rushing around to various rehearsals, teaching, gigs etc was out on my feet the other night after the Rise Kagona gig and The Imperial Wharf Jazz festival gig earlier that evening's lovely music at both gigs. Davide and Rowland played their arse's off at the Jazz festival recorded the gig so I hope to hear it back soon uses an echoplex looping module very effectively plus plays a lot of interesting instruments creating fantastic colours and soundscapes.
Steve Lawson also put together a great night of music at the Darbouka a nice intimate venue in Clerkenwell for the John Peel Day celebrations was sheer pleasure to play drums with Rise Kagona and Dougie Veitch.They have obviously put a lot of work into making the songs sound so effortless on bass and Jez Carr on keyboards completed the line up.For a full review of the R
ise gig check out the Steve lawson blog.

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