Monday, December 28, 2009

Spitalfields festival summer brew 2009

Mark Holub cool drummer from band "Led bib " Who Curates the Succesful Summer stew Festival in Spitalfields had kindly invited me to play in the festival this year.The festival is one that happens each year at the end of the summer break in September.The band was a new line up that I had wanted to play with for a while.Steve Noble on Drums,Ntchuks Bonga on Alto Sax and on bass Camelle hinds the mainstay of grounbreaking 80s Britfunk band "Central Line,Paul Weller and his own solo projects" who I have played with in funk bands like the Beggar & Co band. This was Camelle's first excursion into free improv and he really played some fantastic music as did the other guys.The audience were very appreciative and there has also been some positive write ups about the band.I hope in 2010 to do some more work with this band provisionally called "The Lovely Dubley band". Here is a review from the Londonjazz.Blogspot:
"I arrived just in time for the second band of the day, Orphy Robinson’s quartet. Robinson was playing marimba. He created a set of powerful jazz improvisation with a funk-rock edge. And in the process he created a lot of excitement too. Playing a continuous set without pausing between sections, drummer Steve Noble and bassist Camelle Hinds pushed the band along energetically, working quite a groove behind Robinson and altoist Ntshuks Bonga ’s solos. This was fusion of a kind, but behind the drive it was subtle, engaging music".

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