Monday, December 28, 2009

Nigel Kennedy catches a vibe!

10th September saw me appearing with Nigel Kennedy at the Tower of London Festival.I had meet Nigel when I was signed to Blue Note records and we had got on really well.We had spoke about one day working together but Unfortunately a possible earlier chance to perform in his Hendrix Project about 10 years ago didn't work out because of my schedule.We hadn't seen each other since that time so when I bumped into Nigel in the street one day in the summer it turned out that he was about to embark on a project that he thought would be ideal for us to perform together.This turned out to be his Bach/Ellington project for small band and Orchestra.So some rehearsals were hooked up leading to me performing with Nigel's own small ensemble plus the Philharmonic orchestra at the Tower.I had a really good time hanging with his regular Jazz band hailing from Poland who are some excellent musicians and good people. plus English guitarist Doug Boyle. The concert was well received and has now led to a world tour starting early next year. I will be touring in some pretty cool locations and a possible recording is also in the pipeline! Let you know nearer the time where I will be!

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Elsie Stockdale said...

Can't wait for the recording ! I couldn't go to the Tower concert, but I've heard enough from some who were there to anticipate the release of an album with ill-contained impatience. Have a ball in Australia, Orphy. Tell Nigel that Elsie sends her love !