Monday, December 28, 2009

Bristol Sax Massive

I have worked on the Andy Sheppard Sax Massive projects for the last couple of years and they have been performed in Norway,Central London and Opened the London Jazz Festival.
These Sax Massives have all been a lot of fun!This Time round it was a massive organised for the re-openning of the Colston Hall venue in Bristol.This meant trips up to Bristol through August into Sptember.
I must say that Bristol delivered well both in organising and in the level of musicianship displayed by Sax players like James Morton and Mobo Award winner Yolanda Brown who also came up to Bristol for each rehearsal.The massive can have up to 200 sax players at one time performing in its ranks.
On the performance day there were also a lot of other large ensembles involved these included Adrian Utley's 'Music for Massed Guitars', The Emerald Ensemble, Richard Barnard, Cirque Bijou, Charles Hazlewood, Sheelanagig plus female Beat Boxer Bella trix.
I had a really enjoyable time in Bristol hung out with some cool musicians that I will stay in touch with in the future!

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