Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Just received this email,not sure if its total fact but there is an awful lot of emails and info flying around the internet today about Kanye west.I am sure you can remember during the hurricane Katrina nightmare in August.Kanye West spoke out on a live Telethon fundraiser for Katrina victims.When he stated clearly what most people were thinking about the Presidents lame response to the disaster.I am sure most people thought there would be some kind of right wing /republican backlash from their supporters etc.

Could this be were it starts. this is an email I received in its full glory.


By Shodel Torrwins

If West was dropped because he was telling the truth.... Time to drop Pepsi, whether it's dropping them a line voicingrina our discontent or time to drop Pepsi and not drink it...... Pepsi, incidentally, used to be very racist in their hiring practices regarding African Americans..... So I've read! Pepsi/Frito Lay/Gatorade/Tropicana/Quaker
This may sound a little crass, but as a generation X'er I feel like I'm well positioned to voice my opinion regarding my own generation.
Unlike our parents and their parents, we tend NOT to stand for anything which results in us falling for everything. Its time we take a stand. Kanye West, former spokesperson for Pepsi, has since lost his endorsement deal with the soft drink giant due to his publicized remarks regarding the mishandling of the Katrina evacuees/victims. I mean if you're like me...just SICK and TIRED of being black in America and being mishandled, then do something. Our parents and their parent's SHUT DOWN an entire bus system during the Civil Rights era by CHOOSING to do something. Here is your opportunity.
I'm calling a boycott on ALL Pepsi products. If they want to drop Kanye, how about we DROP them! And as much as I love a good Pepsi and bag of Fritos, I'm not buying another Pepsi including any of their family products (see link below) until a formal apology is given and a donation is rendered to the Red Cross (or a similar organization) in the sum of the amount of Kanye's contract with Pepsi. If you're committed to doing something to tell not just Pepsi but the world (including the Associated Press for that racist caption) that there is power in the Black community, then pass this along. Because there's POWER in numbers.

Sincerely, Shodel Torrwins- Boycott Organizer

Pepsi Products: Pepsi/Frito Lay/Gatorade/Tropicana/Quaker/Walker Crisps See a list of products by clicking here:

footnote:I have now heard that Pepsi have reconsidered their position and reinstated Kanye west.
Is this after realising all the fuss that was coming their way with boycotts etc or just a general rethink?


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htrueman said...

Orphy, this e-mail is yet another hoax - Pepsi never dropped Kanye. Check out: