Saturday, April 01, 2006

John Tcichai

It was with great anticipation that I played a concert last night at The Spitz Club in Shoreditch.The occasion brought together The guys from Springhill Jack who are Ashley Wales and John Coxon with The one and only Louis Moholo flying in from South Africa on drums and Double Bassist extraordinaire John Edwards who flew in just before the soundcheck,fresh from a protracted Journey from Paris due to an impromptu Air Traffic controller strike the day before that meant he could not get back for a rehearsal of John Tcichai's music.We had been brought together as part of the Music and migration series of concerts happening simultaneously in Budapest,Paris and London over the next week.John Tcichai who played with John Coltrane on the Ascension album, Albert Ayler,Cecil Taylor,Archie Shepp and many more Heavyweights on the avante garde scene was a completely serene and warm person.His music has a spiritual and calming influence but he can also burn brightly on the Alto sax when he's ready.I think this was the first gig this year that I've played Vibes so I was having a lot of fun reaquainting myself with the instrument especially as I was using a rental one.I also took along the loop machine and mixed live percussion Fx and Vibes.The club was packed out due to a big seminar earlier in the evening that had musicains and industry bods rubbing shoulders at the bar so the atmosphere was buzzing all night.The reception after each piece was really positive and augurs well for next weeks trip to Budapest.I can't wait.

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