Thursday, April 20, 2006

BRUISE at Vortex with an added surpise

Last night at the Vortex The Bruise quintet were joined by louis Moholo The legendary Amazing drummer from South Africa and he did not disappoint. The audience
that was very much a normal midweek Vortex type audience i.e sparse but enthusiastic, were treated to a real special night.Normally the drums chair in Bruise is taken By Mark Saunders the top notch improv scene drummer but unfortunately Mark could not make the date.So Louis who is on a 3 month european tour where he is performing with amongst other Artist John Tchchai, North Sea Jazz festival and lots of High profile gigs in Holland and Italy not forgetting some live dates promoting the Famous duet Album release with Pianist Stan Tracey.Louis ably stepped into dep for Mark on his night off.The night also saw the launch of the new Album featuring Derek Bailey on one of his last live dates before passing away last year.This album has already created quite a buzz with bootleg copies changing hands within a week of the live gig and also being critics choice for album release of the year (apparently A 5 star review this sunday in the Times amongst others)Tony Bevan was on top form,as always and the band absolutely kicked all night.Fortunately the night was recorded, so if the sound is as good as it needs to be for a live album we could be on to another winner.Derek Baileys Girlfriend karen who lives not far from the Vortex in Clapton was sat in the audience and seem to really enjoy the music.My on regret was that a trio album date was planned in the summer last year between Derek,Tony and myself but due to his health we held off.I am sure it would of been a good un also...

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Anonymous said...

Orphy - great to meet you the other night; a truly wonderful gig (really hope the recording comes out nice), and looking forwards to playing on Monday! Alex