Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Pete McPhail NOSTROMO band.

I had the great pleasure of appearing with the Pete McPhail band NOSTROMO from Oxford last monday for their second set at the New Vortex Jazz Club. Saxophonist Pete McPhail showcased his new quartet with Alexander Hawkins on piano and various other things, Dominic Lash on bass and Roger Telford on drums and what a great band.I had agreed to play the second set only due to playing 2 gigs with the LSO at St lukes earlier in the evening and having to leave unfortunately just before seeing my 11 year old son who plays Trumpet play with the L.S.O Fusion OrchestraThe Fusion Orchestra is a 40 strong youth ensemble That meets at the L.S.O Discovery centre at St Lukes Church every month they fuse an extraodinary amount of styles and flavours including Acoustic instruments and theremins digital media etc.Unfortunately in order to get to The Vortex in time for the second set I would have to completely miss his big moment as the featured soloist on one of the main suites but it was the only way I could make it to the Vortex in time.I also played twice earlier in the evening first with a group of the Tutors and musicians from the main L.S.O. orchestra and the second show leading a group called the Digital Tech Group that has students writing music and MCing so quite a manic day plus moving around on public transport with the steel pans in tow, that has been quite a revelation for me as I am normally stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on the way to some gig or other.I hope to play with this lovely band again as it was definitely sounding good and I can't wait to hear the live recording that was being made.Then afterwards to cap a lovely day it turned out that Roger Telfords son Jake a mean Sax player that I once played a gig with in the short lived Rythmic Club in Chapel street,Islington was there watching the gig It turned out that he actually Lives about 5 mins from my house and kindly volunteered a lift home saving me a run to catch buses and trains..A big Thanks was in order.All together a long hard day but very enjoyable.

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