Monday, September 05, 2005

Imperial Wharf Festival gig moved to 13th October

There as been a change to the previous festival date which was 28th September. The festival has been moved to the 13th October .This has unfortunately meant a change of musicians.So Steve Lawson will instead be at the John Peel celebration day,Darbuka gig.I will be shooting off to play there also after this gig.All Info will be on another posting here that you will see.Roger Goula will be performing with Filomena Campus at the Camden Theatre in the opening night of "Not in my Name"
So now the trio gig on my Birthday will be with Davide Mantovani Elec bass/Ewi/loops
Rowland Sutherland Flutes.Should be a lot of fun.I have included a flyer of the festival.So you can see the other bands on the bill at the festival.
It all kicks off at 6.00 pm on the Wednesday 13th October.
Address is The Boulevard,Imperial wharf,Townmead Road,london sw6 2qd.for info tel-0207 610 9693 or visit :

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