Saturday, September 03, 2005


Sorry to hear about the terrible situation.Estimates of 10,000 lives lost. Soldiers on the streets. Armed gangs roaming,Sanitation,Disease.The president unable to land his helicopter near a city he couldn't enter.It really sounded like a third world country during a civil war according to the European coverage I had seen.I didn't fully understand the disaster in New Orleans until I got back to the UK. Silly me! I understood that EVERYONE was searching, foraging for food,Water etc. Now I understand its more complex than that, with typical 405, 625 TV frequencies its a black, white thing? tut, tut, tut Media?Apparently the black people were stealing,looting etc but the white people were finding, acquiring food from the exact same sources. mmm? WAKE UP! GROW UP ? Of course there will always be opportunist/nutters etc out there taking advantage of situations like this,it obviously includes those who deal in Politics ( Poli meaning many.tics meaning blood sucking insects)The bigger picture is the slow response of getting aid to the people who need it.Question is why a disaster like this happens? Could it be a disaster of human making?Global warming,lack of funding,forward planning,Kyoto, they can all be thrown into the mix. As always there seems to be other agendas going on at the same time.

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