Wednesday, July 13, 2005


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED OR PERFORMED AT THE SOLO SUMMIT.FOR A REVIEW OF THE DAY PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO TO where steve lawson has put up a fantastic account of the proceedings.Also thanks to those performers who were unable to make it there for various reasons,i.e Celloman was unfortunately held up by a bomb scare at his earlier gig that day in sheffield,with all his equipment left on stage in the evacuation of the festival site for 3 hours,followed by being stuck on the M1 on the way back down.Filomena and Keith waite were also unable to make it due to illness,but were there in spirit. MANY THANKS once again to all the performers.There will be a couple of press reviews of the "Solo Summit" written by Kevin I will post up on the site once they are through.

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