Monday, July 04, 2005

The London Improvisors Orchestra

I popped in to see the london improvisors on sunday 3rd July and ended up having a cracking gig with some fine conduction from Bassist Simon Fell,Violinist Sylia Hallet plus Bassist David leehy other musicians present were Drummer Tony Marsh,Pianist- Veryan Weston,Adam Bowman-Objects,Saxophonist- John Butcher,amonst many other great players.Thanks to Dave Leehy for kindly letting me use his fantasic box of mystery percussion for the night as I had no instruments on me,Its been over a year since I last played with the orchestra and that was at the May 2004 Freedom of the city festival at The Conway Hall.I found out that half of the orchestra regulars were in Vancouver with the Dedication orchestra so they called in some wonderful musicians to more than fill in.If you can get along to see them check The LIO on 1st Sunday of every month at the Red Rose pub in Seven sisters Road between Finsbury Park Station and Hornsey Road.Its well worth seeing some top notch music being created.

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