Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Gary crosby has put together a great project with the youth big band.I went down last saturday to take my son.he absolutely loved it.Guess what?they actually play good music.It makes a change as some of these so called youth education projects actually turn the kids off, as the music is so bad,boring and uninspiring.oh yeah and the instructors are more destructors than anything else.At tomorrow's warriors there are 1st class teachers in Abram wilson and Sean corby and Gary. There is also the chance to play with fantastic musicians like Soweto kinch,Jay Phelps plus many others dropping in occasionally.So if you have any students send them down to the Premises rehearsal studios on saturdays 10 till 2 thats 4 hours of music .The other thing is its absolutely free.As a parent you are continually being fleeced for funds to cover activities that keep the young ones off the at last is something good and its also free.

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