Monday, May 25, 2009

Freedom of the City 2009

I haven't performed for a couple of years at the Freedom of the City festival and I have missed it.The Conway Hall is one of those venues that has an interesting history that encompasses so much of the Improv music history of london That I always feel relaxed as soon as I enter the building.The last time I was there was for an event organised by the Wire Magazine where I performed with John Tchai,Sonny Murray and the Springhill Jack band..the last couple of years I have been busy when the Festival time has come around and haven't been able to be there.
So when I was invited this year by the London Improvisors Orchestra and found that Iwas free for a change I gladly accepted and turned up with my 14 Year old son who was out for the day with me!As always the Orchestra was packed with some of Europes finest players this time a welcome addition was Trumpeter Henry Lowther who was performing a concerto with the Orchestra..
My son throughly enjoyed the 2 hours of music performed which included me filling the Piano chair briefly while Steve Beresford performed a conduction!six memebers of the Orchestra performed conduction these included Guitarist Dave Tucker,Violinist Alison Blount,Bassist Dave Leahy,Bamboo flute/Spoken Word specialist Terry Day..There is a review of the concert at the folowing blog:

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