Monday, May 25, 2009

Snowboy launches book

Worth reading for all those who were in the scene or not!
A thouroughly entertaining read about a period in London club life when it was the norm for every club to have a jazz dance hour happening in the middle of a Disco club night,where tracks by Art Blakey & the Jazz messengers would see the dance floor taken over by young people for a frenetic sweaty workout!Ably told by DJ/musician Mark 'Snowboy' Cotsgrove Southend's finest. Who delivers a thorough comprehensive encyclopeadic insight into an area of Britains multi cultural heritage that helped to shape a music scene that evolved from humble beginnings into the Acid Jazz scene that was taken up by dancers worldwide, This book is guaranteed to bring back memories for anyone that went to the clubs wore the clothes and bought the music!Foreword by Straight no chaser magazine/Edge 09 stalwart Paul Bradshaw!

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