Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 All Party Parliamentary Jazz Awards

The All party Parliamentary Jazz awards is one hell of a title for an awards night,it's also a very different venue to have anything to do with Jazz!!Never having been invited to one before I was intrigued as to what they would be like! So having finally received an invitation after first finding out that I had been nominated in the Jazz Educator category through the internet then having to chase up an invite that eventually just days before the event.I think I kind of knew already that this was just a chance to party in a very different place than normal..
Well I went along with my son on Wednesday to the Houses of Parliament for the 2009 Awards. Had some food, drank some wine and then it was over! To be nominated was enough recognition for and some of my students who are out there giving a good account of themselves..I had a good time chatting to fellow musicians and friends and catching up with news and views etc,these kind of affairs are normally places where you bump into people you haven't seen for ages probably because you are all normally out there working rather than talking about it! ..Darren Taylor of Jazz reloaded was a worthwhile winner collecting the Best online publication for Jazz with his online magazine. The Jazz reloaded team who have been doing some fantastic work going out to gigs and not only those they get free tickets for? Darren has around him a really good team who put in a lot of hard work and deserve some exposure!!They themselves are supporting talent and getting some exposure for many new artists who the mainstream press are very slow at getting any handle on normally maybe because they have to pidgeon hole them first!!!Kevein Le gendre was also a popular winner on the night in the best journalist category.Kevin is one of those writers who again gets out and about checking out much of the interesting and not so obvious creative people out there and always comes across with a genuine love of the music and people that he interviews! Which is probably why he tends to get exclusives from so many cutting edge musicians!!He also leads successful writing workshops for young writers each year as part of the London Jazz Festival!Other notable winners on the night were Val Wilmer for services to Jazz,Jazz musician of the year went to Guitarist Phil Robson whose award was collected by Vocalist Christine Tobin.
Anyway that's the awards for this year over with so now back to Music!
Visit this link for the official list of winners!!

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