Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Album now out "BURN OUT MAMA"

Finally the waiting is over the "Burn out Mama" debut cd "OUT OF OFFICE" hits the shops this month!As well as the music created for the mama project An amazing amount of time and effort was put into getting the artwork and info looking good as well.This ably undertaken by Reija Lang who leads the project as well with her vocals.Reija has a design background and has brought that sensibility to this project in a big way achieving a very different look from anything else out on the market with an elaborate pullout CD sleeve that has now attracted attention from some very hip names in the design world. This has led to the Cd being picked up by people outside the normal Jazz Cd buying punter market! The album was Launched at the huge music industry convention in Bremen and the feedback has been remarkable.Fingers crossed that this interest transfers into gigs and sales!Anyway you can now purchase the album on itunes,amazon e.t.c.
Here is the website address for Burn out mama: http://www.burnoutmama.com/

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