Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sunday Supplement

Some of you will remember the series of gigs I use to organise at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton North London Last year 2007.It was a lot of fun and we had some great shows with fantastic Artist like Steve Williamson,Byron Whallen, Adisa,Steve Lawson,Bj Cole,Christine Tobin,Hkb Finn,Corey Mwamba,Jason Yarde,SteveBeresford and many others,However even though we had some great audience numbers especially as the Theatre is not really on the Radar for the type of gigs we witnessed.We were really up against it logistically at times? The Theatre manager Ralph Dartford was always absolutely brilliant and couldn't have been more helpful but in the end I had to bring the Sunday Supplement sessions to a close!
However I hope that I have finally found a suitable venue can't say where until the T s have been crossed and the I s have been dotted etc,but I will post up here first when it's all hopefully ready to go!

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