Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We had to cancel the gig and film "Leimert Park" because a new verbal contract was presented on the afternoon of the screening and gig that we considered unworkable at such a late stage,
Of course we then had to pull the gig, Which meant phoning,emailing e.t.c around to warn as many people as possible not to go!
We had really put a lot of work in advertising and networking the night The BBC Jazz on 3,Giles Peterson had done a Podcast specifically for the Film,Radio London's Robert Elms interviewed Paul Bradshaw, An Italian Journalist and a Top Japanese Journalist were also flying in to review as well as some Quality Broadsheets were showing up to review the film and the night!plus we had such a great lineup of Musicians ready for a funk filled live session! (I can't even tell you what went down with the The Rich Mix Damagement and their really informed opinion about the style of music that would be played that night) but they added the were taking into account the musical taste of their Clientele who might not be into our music! As if I gave a toss what their clientele liked or didn't like as they were not our clientele and should not be in the part of the venue that we were going to use,They would not of payed to hear anything! need I say more! but If that also included the musical choices of the Thief that nicked my Laptop, maybe they should change their style of Clientele) but I do know there's a saying "What goes around comes around!"
Watch this space in 2009!
management dunce

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