Sunday, November 30, 2008

A hectic week

Today starts a hectic period of gigs,recording and teaching.No idea how I will get around to cover it all. Starting with an intense day of learning music for the "Burn out Mama"sessions.
"Burn out Mama" is a group put together by two musician from Finland.Virtuoso Trumpet player Mika Molyari and Award winning Vocalist Reija Lang.The idea is a collaboration between Finnish and English musicians, so along with myself there are musicans Ed Jones the Tenor Saxophonist of US3 fame and Geoff Gascoigne Bassist with Jamie Cullen.
Since the early part of this year we have been travelling back and forward to Helsinki writing, arranging and rehearsing original music which resulted in a live show in Helsinki to try out the materialin front of an audience.that fortunately was favourably received by the audience and the media leading to an invitation to record a radio broadcast by YLE the finnish national broadcaster.
The band at the same time took the decision to record an album of which half was recorded at the YLE studios a sort of Abbey Road studios equivalent.The idea being that the rest of the album would be recorded in London.This week the London leg and the second half of the album will be recorded and mixed.
So it's looking like a pretty full on and intense week.As I also have the "Jazz Alive" concert at the Roundhouse with some bands and Artist from various music courses that take place at the Roundhouse during the year invited to perform on the line up.."Jazz Alive" is a project that saxophonist Soweto Kinch and myself have been leading for 3 months with 25 students.They played a couple of live concerts a fortnight ago one at the Festival Hall Ballroom as part of a Herbie Hancock inspired day at the 2008 London Jazz festival,quickly followed by their appearance later that day at the Hoxton Hall "Futurizm"night in the 2008 Fringe festival "Edge 08"Where they gave a good account of themselves..A review is elsewhere on this blog.
Added to the mix of my Hectic week is two nights at the end of the week that I am performing with the "Beggar& Co"band at the "Jazz Cafe" backing "Junior Giscombe" and "Freeze" vocalist "Ingrid.but of course at the same time as I'm doing the "Jazz Alive" night at the Roundhouse I should also be at rehearsal for the "Beggar & Co"Show!Typical full on mayhem week!

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