Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back again

I Haven't been on the blog for a long time as you would of noticed it started as a short break that ended up lasting over a year.
Since the last time I blogged I have been fortunate to have done heaps more Teaching, Traveling and performing plus getting involved in some very different promotional work..
I Set up 2 companies with another ex member of my 80s Brit funk band Savanna the Bass
player (Sammy J) dealing with my favourite hobby about which I will tell you more later!
I will also add blogs about events that have happened while I was away from the blog as and when I remember them!
This is because I had been logging done stuff on my Apple Powerbook but I hadn't been backing up regularly on to a separate hard disc to my cost the Powerbook was stolen along with my Video camera and portable hard disc recorder,some vibes mallets and other bits along with my travel bag.Would you believe from the side of stage at a gig as I dismantled the equipment..
The bloke who nicked my bag was very fast and according to the Security people apparently professional as he knew exactly how to avoid the CCTV cameras,however all the frustration and anger that I feel I just have to let it go and move on!Aaaahh!
Right I will wind up now and be back blogging soon!

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