Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Corey Mwamba

Check out the post of Corey Mwamba for an excellent piece of writing. As always I agree with everything he says.Unfortunately quite a lot of youth make the decision to glorify in what they call "Thuglife" as if its something to aspire to instead of to avoid at all costs.When Rubbish like chasing "Bling" Drugs,Cars etc take the place of Hard work and studying and is actively encouraged through the media as some sort of badge of honour,Then Society is in a bad state.When so called street talk pervades society in such a way that young people find it difficult to express themselves in audible sentences without resorting to mumbling most of the time,Then there's serious problems in society.
When to be civil, to have some manners, say please and thank you to someone is seen as a sign of weakness.Then something is seriously wrong.It should be common sense but when we see and hear the rubbish that comes out of the mouths of our politicians, we can understand that sense isn't by any means common.
Another thing I can identify with is where Corey goes on to say that the standards of behaviour set out by his parents meant that being a thug was never a career option and I must say for myself and many of my friends it was never even something to contemplate.Yet I do know of whom I went to school with and others who chose and I do say chose that way of life, who are either dead now or in some place where their liberty is severely restricted.They made that life style call for themselves,nobody forced them into that.Disaffected youth and all the other Buzz words used by people who should know better, help to keep this nonsense going, which in turn leads to Young lives being lost before their full potential is realised. I hope that if their eventual tragic outcomes make some of the youths stop and think before they choose the "thuglife" of Knives,guns etc over one of decent honest hard work, we can move away from this madness.

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