Sunday, October 01, 2006

The week

I Had Heaps of teaching and rehearsing last week for various shows.Meetings that I hope will bring to fruition a few really promising projects.Had the first day of a large scale workshop project in Derby that was a lot of fun.This is a project where Students from two schools will work with both myself and great instrument maker Walt Shaw on new an original sound sources through found objects.It's a three month project culminating in a big show at the end of November.
I had the pleasure to guest with the Evan Parker Quartet on the thursday 28th September at his monthly gig at the Vortex.It was a take no prisioners full on wall of sound from the word go with Tony Marsh Drums and John Edwards on Bass, both playing there socks off.It was also a full house and a very appreciative audience.I played a Malletkat Pro through an old Roland multi timbral unit with sad vibes sounds that gave me a few scarry moments when triggering or programme changing but fortunately for me it stood up to the task.I will be using it today for the L.I.O gig at the Red Rose probably with some other sound source,I am still deciding whether to try using it through a virtual instrument software like the Garitan Orchestral sounds with my laptop.If it sounds ok and triggers properly i.e latency etc.I will then hope to use it for the Brit funk reunion gigs this week.


Anonymous said...

when are you doing your millfield lunchtime gigs? Are you playing this sunday! Mx

Orphy robinson said...

I will put up info on the possible gigs when I know more.Check back on the blog for info.