Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brit Funk reunion

The Brit funk reunion gig at the Jazz Cafe on the 7th October and its forerunner on the 3rd at the Battersea Barge,Went really well the audiences loved it and responded really well.My only downer was a lack of mics for hand percussion resulted in doing the Cafe gig with a fairly loud band and having to literally compete acoustically.A no contest if ever there was one.However I did enjoy all the music and the guys were real funky.Looks like there will be more gigs with the band next year.The Jazz Cafe gig was recorded live so there now is a possible live Album in the cans to go with the studio stuff being done.I have gone back to using the MalletKat during this period for the louder gigs and it seems to work well enough to make me want to explore some of my sampling ideas in the near future.

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