Saturday, October 28, 2006

L.S.O Fusion Orchestra workshop

I had a great but busy day in the middle of this week.I was invited to conduct a workshop and mini concert with the L.S.O fusion orchestra at their fantastic facility the LSO Discovery centre at the Converted Church of St lukes in Old Street.Each invited Artist that works with the Orchestra Brings in ideas and music that require the students to think outside there normal sphere of expertise. A couple of months Ago I dropped in to see Julian Joseph take the Fusion orchestra through a lovely Jazz inspired workshop.I decided to use "Conduction techniques" as the basis for my workshop day.It turned out to be a lot of fun with students also conducting and inspiring their own pieces,in small ensembles.They gave a terrific performance at the end of the day to a small audience.
I then had to rush off to the Barbican centre as some of my regular students from the Hackney Empire had been invited to perform as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award night.This was a showcase of excellent work from students all over the U.K.
The organisers had requested particular sections from the Empire's successful ADP 6 show given in August.Although This was really showcasing the work of the Drama department at the Empire as opposed to the work done in the Music Department.The musicians were required to do some underscoring and live soundtracking for 4 drama pieces.The students from the Empire gave enthusiastic and good quality perfomances throughout the show,considering the pieces chosen by the Award organisers were in no way near to the students best work they still came up trumps and delivered a slick and professional performances to be proud of.
Backstage I bumped into one of my ex school students who is now in the 2006 Streetdance champions NASSASSIA and was finally able to see them perform."Man they are a bit good"!!It was good to see lots of students from many different groups swapping ideas and contacts and admiring each others work
All in all a very long day but ultimately spiritually uplifting and rewarding.

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