Sunday, August 20, 2006

The last few days before the holiday

Just back from a happy recording session for Beggars & co the group put together by Members of the seminal Brit funk band Light of the world.Beggars and Co had some hits in the eighties under charting high in the Pop charts around the world that also included a number 1 hit with Spandau Ballet.They also had a big influence on many of the musicians on the london scene when they were a part of the original Light of the world band.Through the magic of They have managed to connect with and put together a new 10 piece group project featuring members of other bands from that period i.e Mirage,Central Line,Incognito and myself from Savanna.There will be some shows in October at the Jazz Cafe 8th October and the Battersea Barge 3rd October,

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