Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hackney Students

I went to see a new band "Descendents of a Quest" featuring students Yao,Renell,Chantelle and Samson who I have the pleasure of working with for about 4 years now in Hackney.They were playing on the last Beacon Band Nights gig at Camden's Roundhouse Venue on friday.The Beacon nights feature bands that show promise.I 'm happy to say DQ did not disappoint they were absolutely spot on polished and tight with good songs.The audience were really ecstatic and responded positively to every word, nuance, phrase delivered by singer Chantelle and the band. Having never seen them play live or outside the workshop and Hackney environment it was a real pleasure to sit back in the audience and just observe.Lets hope something positive happens for them. They have actually recorded an album that will be out early septembe.Look out for it..........

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