Monday, August 14, 2006

A busy summer

I have neglected the blog for a while due to some mad schedules based around Education projects at the newly reopened Roundhouse Venue in Camden.An absolutely fantastic place full of goodies a ton load of studios both media friendly and recording.Editing suites for video and rehearsal spaces with lots of courses running through the summer to keep the young occupied.On my part I led a Percussion project with the help of ace drummer Rod Youngs that mixed Tapdance with Samba and drumming of all description.A lot of fun and a real start of something new and a little bit different.At the end of our intensive period of workshops there was a live performance that brought the house down.It was a lot of hard work full of teething problems that we managed to overcome.The students did themselves proud and it was great to see the Joy on their faces as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.
Meanwhile I was also keepig my eye on another Hackney Empire Artist Developement project.This is year 6 of the programme and I have been the MD for 5 of them.This one due was being co led in my absence for the first part by Cleveland Watkiss who did a sterling Job helping about 60 students from different artistic backgrounds and skills write an original 2 hour show. I then took over for the last week of the course putting the music content from the adp Dance and drama depts into the 2 acts that would form the show.The students were excellent on the night of their show.They were playing the main house of the Empire, which was the first time in the 5 years that I have been musical Director at Hackney we have been allowed to perform on the main stage.The stage show was conducted by two Young Musicians Renell and Yao who were fantastic and seriuosly on the case.The students were cheered by a large audience,That I am sure will support other projects that are done at the Empire from now on.Now I have to get stuck a week creating work with the Older students,who will tour their own show to other youth projects around london in september.They showcased a taster of the work they have done so far at the Empire show and brought the house down so I am really looking forward to working with them this week.Next week Hols and not before time!!!

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