Monday, December 25, 2006

What I am listening to at the moment "Corey Mwamba" SIPPING RIOJA

My main listening at the moment is to the debut album by COREY MWAMBA the fantastic Vibes/Dulcimer player based in Derby.His debut album titled "Sipping Rioja at home" is a real joy and absolutely wonderful and full of inventive explorations of sound.
Corey is one of those musicians who can tell stories with every twist and turn of their music effortlessly.Always searching for new methods of expression he has the uncanny knack to always open up your ears to some amazing moments of melodic magic that can transport the listener into amazing harmonic and rythmic journeys you want to hear again and again and again.I'd advise everyone to check out one of his shows as they are guaranteed not to leave disapointed.Go buy "Sipping Rioja at home" and see the new year in style.He's also coming to a town hear you soonish watch out for the gigs in the new year with the great pianist composer Robert Mitchell and ace vocalist Deborah Jordan.For a more in depth profile look here.

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