Saturday, December 23, 2006

The last gig of the year

This thursday I played with the BRUISE band.This is always one of my favourite bands with great players in John Edwards,Tony Bevan,Mark Saunders,Ashley Wales.The night at the Red Rose also had a trio led by Alan Wikinson with John Coxon and Tony Marsh they gave a full on set really enjoyed by the audience.I had last seen Alan Wilkinson playing Baritone in the 200 saxophone project for the London Jazz Festival.So it was great to hear him outside that wall of sound,Tony Marsh has always been one of my favourite Drummers so it goes without saying that I enjoyed his playing with John coxon ably supporting the proceedings guitar/fx.The BRUISE band always different always sheer joy in sound and composition.Tony Bevan had a new Soprano a model made by KING from the 1920s that had an unusual sound and Harmonics in the higher registers.This gig was also a good warm up for a Studio date we had the next day at The famous COWSHED studios.That session produced 8 compositions with me playing some keys for a change Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes on some numbers.We'll listen back to see how it all sounds after Christmas.Happy

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