Thursday, January 05, 2006

First gig of the year

Just back from my 1st gig of the year and It was a totally unexpected one.It was with the London improvisers orchestra at the Red Rose club.I was actually there for a rehearsal for a gig with the orchestra for an Improv festival at The Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry this Saturday are performing with Dancers from the shifti Dance company,so a rehearsal was necessary as they needed to learn some of the language we use i.e. conduction methods. I was only told when I got to the Red Rose club that there had been an offer of a gig in the Red Rose tonight, straight after rehearsal,We could stay and use their regular 1st Wednesday in the month Improv gig (The Free radicals night) as a warm up gig as some of the orchestra members had been booked to play tonight anyway and had kindly offered to give up their gig .It worked out great as all 25 musicians could stay and do it.The 8 dancers of Shifti were very good and the piece we are doing with them went well, The Orchestra then did the second half of the show.There were Some lovely sounds as always,It all made for a very long day as I had taught in school today also. I'm definitely looking forward to Saturday.Although I now need a rest as too many family commitments over christmas has really worn me out.

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zeruch said...

It is quite a pleasant surprise to find artists I like (and largely hard to find here in the states) still actively gigging.

I managed to grab both of your Blue Note releases quite some time ago, and enjoyed them (and I am generally fickle about vibes).