Saturday, January 21, 2006


Last nights gig at the Music Room in the Boston Arms Pub in Tufnell park was a slamming effort from all concerned.The programme Put together by The Orchestra Pit was well worth the £8.00 admission fee.There was 4 Bands playing on the bill with Clearframe the last band up.The place was Jam packed with Punters who were into PunkJazz and everything Alternative.First up was BLURT a 3 piece band with a full on set of originals led by the singer come Alto sax player Ted Milton.They were followed by the band LED BIB last years winners of the Peter Whittingham award for Jazz led by the drummer Mark Holub from New Jersey they had 2 Alto players as lead instruments.Nice sounds and arrangements with a touch of the avante garde.The third band up was Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats. Terry is a multi instrumentalist who fronted an interesting band that had a great drummer Simon Pearson they played a mix of standards and originals with a real spin.We came on last by this time we all looked knackered as it was quite late and for me having taught for 6 hours a long day.Our set was well received by all the people left in the club who didn't have to catch last trains home etc.Once again it was a real pleasure playing in the Clearframe band with Hugh hopper,Lol Coxhill and Charles Haywood,lets hope we can get some more gigs going this year.

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