Monday, June 15, 2009

Gary Crosby awarded an O.B.E.

Gary Crosby Stalwart of the Double Bass was awarded a well deserved  O.B.E in the recent Queens Birthday Honours list. A reward for the hard work that Gary has put in with the various bands and solo artist that have come through the ranks of the various ensembles he has led. 
Gary continues to put in time and effort with not only his award winning record Label DUNE that brought musicians like Soweto Kinch, Denys Baptiste, and bands Tomorrows Warriors,Nu Troop, Jazz Jamaica and the Jazz Jamaica All Stars Orchestra to the attention of many audiences around the world. Gary has also invested no little effort in Educating and bringing through young musicians on to the U.K Jazz scene with the recent announcement of an extension to the popular Tomorrows Warriors band with a fully fledged Youth Orchestra arm.

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