Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 here at last

Well its been a curiously strange year for me as I tried to limit myself to less projects than normal in order to just take some time out and decide what next? Some pretty big decisions have now been made and hopefully will turn out for the best..
The Edge Fringe Festival was a real highlight with plenty of potential for the New Year! Watch this space for some exciting news in the New Year regarding some more Fringe events!!!
There are 3 new Records coming out he early part of the year that I have played on these are the
Alexander Hawkins band...The Burn Out Mama...Louis Moholo Moholo Band.
Beggar & Co will also have a new release for the middle of the year.
I have also been sifting through some recordings held in the vaults that might be put out in the New Year also with a possible new solo album in the pipeline..
Here's to a great 2009 for all!

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Michael said...

Hi Orphy,
As you have worked with Louis Moholo-Moholo, maybe you'd like to look at my web site
I would be very happy should you like to contribute a few words on it.
Happy New Year, Mike Fowler