Saturday, July 01, 2006

The kids did alright

Last thursday saw the culmination of A 6 months education project "BEATS CONDUCTOR" That I have had the pleasure of leading in Essex,The project was devised for the opening of a new multi-million pound Performing Arts college in Havering.Writing with the students was an inspiring and rewarding experience with many of the students having their first experience of working with or actually writing original music. They were coming up with great ideas and their performances showed that given the chance to express themselves more they really could go far.It took a hell of a lot of planning and rehearsing with about 200 young musicians chosen by their schools within the borough of Havering involved.On Thursday they performed directly after a set from Leading Jazz musician Courtney Pine who was appearing with his quartet consisting of Cameron Pierre Guitar,Darren Taylor Bass and drummer Cheryl Alleyne.The students coming from 8 different schools and the Havering music school really did give a good account of themselves leaving a jaw dropping performance and the audience wanting more.Other Artist appearing on the day were much talked about singer Eska who wrote a great composition "Singing the Building" that was performed with students from Havering college plus Marcina Arnold and Heidi Vogel combined in a strong choral piece.Tuba player extraordinaire Oren Marshall performed his piece for 5 tubas that has to be seen to be believed.Dancer Robert Hylton was also giving some great workshops in the exploration of various Dance styles.Violinist Sonia Slaney was there with her trio as was the Bollywood Brass band who played all around the grounds of the college.All in all a good day full of sterling performances. let's hope now the new college is opened it continues to have such events that are as interesting.

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