Monday, March 20, 2006

A busy week

Had two good gigs last week the first in Brighton at the Dome with Phillip Clemo.It really was a pleasure playing with musicians like John Edwards,Mark Saunders,Tom Chant and Clive Bell.The music is tightly controlled by a lot of sequenced sounds pre-recorded on to computer plus an original video installation used as a backdrop to the band.The sound could of been better but the audience seem to leave happy enough.
The second gig was at the Red Rose with Tony Bevan on Bass Saxophone and me on percussion it was great not to have any restrictions placed on you creatively.Peter flood the drummer played beautifully to open the night eith Ian watson on trumpet and electics.The other band on had chefa alonso playing some lovely soprano sax.I had only known Chefa as a percussionist so it was a surprise to hear her so at home on the sax but I found out after that this was actually her first instrument.Dave Leahy played some nice Bass with Ashley Wales providing some sympathetic processing and sounds.
Saturday saw me do a session down at the Resonance Fm studios at tin pan alley with the Springhill Jack crew John Coxon and Ashley Wales at the controls this is their regular fortnightly show were they play pretty leftfield stuff.It was a lot of fun and I would love to do another session at some time in the future.

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