Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A night at the OPERA

So finally last night the Tunde Jegede Opera " Cry of innocence" opened at the Greenwich theatre.Hurrah no more rehearsals for us (the Soloist that is).The Orchestra well that's different,But they are getting there.The Gospel choir sound fantastic and the Trinity choir are not bad.The Jury is still out on some of the main vocalist and we are still waiting for the Fat Lady to swing? but you can't have everything.We have a whole week at the theatre so it should be interesting by the time we reach the end performance.My role is to play specific themes and improvise around the proceedings.For all those who Know how my mind works.The conductor is already looking worried when you start putting "little intricate polyrythmic figures within something called a groove" ( His words). So I believe saturday night (All hell might be let loose within the grooves). Lots of POLITICS.

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