Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brecon Jazz Festival

So Brecon festival last sunday with Clearframemy first time back since the late 80s. The band was seriously cooking at times.We played in an outdoor setting that was really idylic next to the cathedral walls.Hugh hopper,Lol coxhill and Charles are a great combination for any occasion.
My only quibbles about the day was that it takes so long to get there 4 hours from london and 4 hours back it took a day to get over it.I think it would of been better being put up overnight by the festival on Saturday in a hotel.
My other Quibble, sign posting for the festival was hopeless I met lots of lost people walking around the village looking for gigs and musicians moaning about a lack of audience.
I arrived 3 hours before the gig with Lol, who I'd picked up at Paddington station.(while waiting for me he had actually managed to chat up 2 Attractive Policewomen(not an oxymoron).We walked around trying to get a handle on what was going on, who was on, where was it on.All those really obvious questions that no one seemed to have an answer for.
Musicians also had to park their cars seriously far away from the stage at a specific Artist car park,This proved a nightmare to find and to walk to after playing.

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